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Case study


"A benchmark athlete client felt undervalued by one of his prime commercial partners, one of sport’s biggest benefactor brands."

A sense of belittlement developed, threatening to destroy the athlete-sponsor relationship as well as the athlete’s ability to focus on his core career performance goals. Aspire worked with its client to manage his negative thoughts and the development of the wider relationship, delivering the strategy for a revised commercial agreement between athlete and brand. There are very few other personal performance coaches that would know how to deliver that negotiation platform.

The net result of Aspire’s efforts was a revised commercial agreement between its client and his household name sponsor, that ‘renewal’ taking the form of an up sell in terms of both financial metrics and longevity. Today, the athlete and sponsor enjoy a better-than-ever relationship, each properly valued by the other, more pro-active in their collaboration than previously, with Aspire’s client delivering new highs in terms of competitive success.

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